Time-travel (and sing!) in impressive fan Doctor Who music video

Not blinking is hard. Next time, fight the Weeping Angels with song! 

If you've ever looked at Doctor Who and thought, "That show needs more musical numbers," you're in luck. A group of talented fans put together a really high-quality music video that tells the story of a pair of young, would-be companions meeting the Doctor and the journeys they go on together. When the song started, I wasn't sure about the saccharine-sweet pop style, but I confess the tune is a bit of an earworm whether you want it to be or not.

What makes the video is the production value. First off, the guy playing Matt Smith looks a lot like him. Secondly, the Weeping Angels look great. But, most of all, there are multiple different times the fans visit, and each scene is incredibly well realized. We've got the Old West, some medieval times and some classic 1950s greaser Americana. All in all, it's genuinely impressive. Check it.

So -- is the song stuck in your head, too? In the words of the 10th Doctor, "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry."

(via The Mary Sue)

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