Island Oliver picks up the bow for 1st time in new Arrow trailer

Arrow - Season 1 - Wondercon Sizzle Reel - Spoiler

There might just be five episodes left in the first season, but it looks like The CW’s Arrow is only just getting started when it comes to big story reveals and major DC baddies.

A new trailer has been released to promo the remainder of season one, and some old baddies return as Island Ollie finally learns how to use that bow. The show has been an absolute thrill ride in recent weeks, and the writers have struck a good balance between the one-off episodes and a greater mythology. Plus, they’re dealing hard and fast when it comes to big reveals.

One of the most fun aspects of the show has easily been the flashback scenes, which follow Oliver’s evolution from spoiled rick kid to badass-in-training while fighting for survival after being shipwrecked. They’re a great tool to fill in backstory, and actually provide a fantastic B-story narrative to complement the Starling City action.

We’ve been wondering when we’d learn how Arrow got his trademark bow, and a flashback tease reveals some of the island archery training that got it all started. It’ll be interesting to see how quickly he takes to his weapon of choice.

New episodes continue on Wednesday nights, leading up to the season finale on May 15.


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