Watch Supernatural cast + crew do Harlem Shake in a Devil's Trap

The beloved CW series Supernatural has always had a meta streak, and the cast and crew have now decided to join in on the latest meme sweeping the world—with their own devil-trapping twist, of course.

Jared Padalecki had teased on Twitter that he and co-star Jensen Ackles were trying out the "Harlem Shake" on set, and apparently most of the crew got involved for a hilarious bit of meta fun. Even cooler? They do the whole dance inside a giant Devil’s Trap, which is a common design used in the series to contain a demon as needed.

In case you’re one of the lucky half-dozen people not familiar with the Harlem Shake, it’s a new dance craze that was made for YouTube notoriety. It’s become popular to emulate, with some goofy dance moves that start with one person then quickly spread to a crowd.

Check it out below:

Oh, if only the magical powers of the Devil's Trap could contain all the silliness.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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