WTF? Fisher rep says she was just 'joking' about Star Wars return

Is Leia back or not? One thing's for sure -- this is making us NUTS.

Hey, you remember when Carrie Fisher said that, yes, she would be back for Star Wars Episode VII? I hope so, because she literally just said it.

But not so fast! Yes, because someone out there is trying to give us all a collective mental breakdown, Fisher's rep told CNN that nothing was official.

She was joking. Nothing has been announced

Now, whether she just slipped up and was supposed to keep this news secret or whether nothing really has been decided yet, we don't know. Next time there's an update, though, we want Darth Vader himself to use one of those Imperial torture devices, or at least make them sign something in triplicate. Anything! We just can't take the back-and-forth.

(via Comic Book Movie)

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