Eerie trailer for BBC zombie series shows it ain't no Walking Dead

With AMC’s The Walking Dead tearing up the ratings, the BBC is prepping its own zombie series this year. In classic Brit fashion they’re going highbrow with the approach—and the latest trailer for In the Flesh shows this is definitely not going to be a Walking Dead clone.

The show will follow Britain in the wake of a zombie uprising. But instead of battles with the undead, the series will take a sociopolitical spin and try to reintroduce the undead back into the world of the living.

The idea is ripe for great character moments, and could strike the balance between the recently canceled (U.K. version of) Being Human and the zombie fun of Walking Dead.

Heady? Sure, but it’s loaded with potential.

Check out the trailer below:

The series debuts Sunday, March 17, on the BBC. Still no word on a U.S. premiere date.

Do you think this series can shamble into success?

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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