And now PETA's protesting the Assassin's Creed 4 videogame (but why?)

PETA's not pleased with Ubisoft's latest chapter in the Assassin's Creed franchise. 

Now that the veil has begun to be pulled back on Sony's PlayStation 4, we're getting a a glimpse at a number of exciting new games. Included on that list is the latest Assassin's Creed game. Its lush graphics have everyone excited -- except for PETA. In one screenshot, it was revealed that whaling would play some kind of role in the story. Yes, that means that players will take part in some whaling themselves.

And that is the reason for PETA's frustration.

Whaling—that is, shooting whales with harpoons and leaving them to struggle for an hour or more before they die or are hacked apart while they are still alive—may seem like something out of the history books, but this bloody industry still goes on today in the face of international condemnation, and it’s disgraceful for any game to glorify it. PETA encourages video game companies to create games that celebrate animals—not games that promote hurting and killing them.

This is certainly not the first time PETA has been up in arms over a videogame. Last time it was over Super Mario skinning some poor tanooki. That situation, like this one, raises the same ethical query -- does violence against animals in videogames license violence toward animals in the real world? Not a question with a simple answer, considering how it links in with the accusations that videogames are a cause for violence across the board.

Ubisoft has yet to make a statement. To remove an entire element of a game would probably be quite a lot of work, but is it worth it? What do you think?

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