Martha Jones says no to Who's 50th (but should we believe her?)

Freema Agyeman wants us to know she's definitely not going to be in that Doctor Who special. Honest!

After former companions John Barrowman and Louise Jameson confirmed that there were talks to bring back characters for Doctor Who's 50th-anniversary episode, people have rightly been curious about other actors' potential return. Actress Freema Agyeman had already said she wouldn't be back, but she took the time to reiterate.

But, to be honest, we're not buying what the former Doctor Jones is selling, and here's why -- shortly after Barrowman spilled the proverbial beans, he was a guest on Graham Norton's BBC Radio 2 program and sang a different tune concerning his involvement. "I have nothing really to say about it … If I get asked a question I try to be as vague but as honest as possible" became his new response with regard to the Who 50th. Why? His sister Carol summed it up nicely -- "The BBC are mad at him."

That, to us, makes quite a difference. Isn't it interesting that Freema took the itme to tell us something we already knew? Why do that unless you were told explicitly to do so? If Louise Jameson got the call to keep her days free, it seems incredibly unlikely that Agyemen was not told the same. And that says nothing of the other tweet Freema made the same day!

So she would come back, but she's not going to, eh? If not for the 50th anniversary of the show, then when exactly would that happen? Maybe it's just us, but we are hesitant to trust what anyone even remotely involved with the BBC is saying.

What do you think?

(via Blogtor Who and the Mary Sue)

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