The 8 things Walking Dead's season 3 finale MUST do

It seems like The Walking Dead has been promising us an all-out war with Woodbury for weeks now, but all we’ve gotten to this point are a few skirmishes. Well, there’s just one episode left, so what do we absolutely have to have from the final hour of season three?

A lot of things, honestly, since Robert Kirkman and company have quite a few balls in the air at this point. We still don’t know if the Woodbury storyline will continue into season four, but if the writers plan to wrap it all up this week, that’s going to be one loaded hour of television.

A lot of characters are in a lot of different places at the moment, and considering that the show is so darn good, our expectations are through the roof to see what they’ve cooked up for the finale.

So as we wait patiently for the end, here are eight things we really want to see in that final episode of the season.

[Spoilers ahead!]

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