It's claws vs. samurai swords in action-packed Wolverine footage

We still have to wait until tomorrow for the debut of The Wolverine’s first full trailer, but the studio has gone ahead and leaked about 20 seconds of footage—which gives us our first look at what happens when claws go blade-to-blade with samurai swords.

The dark tone we’ve seen in all those pics comes through in the footage, and director James Mangold is taking advantage of the Japanese setting when it comes to action set pieces. 

Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) will definitely have his hands (and claws) full, with ninjas galore all trying to take him out. Logan has never really gotten much of a chance for some blade-on-blade action in the other X-Men movies, but Wolverine looks to more than fill the ass-kicking quota.

Check out thew new footage below and let us know what you think:

The Wolverine opens July 26 in 3D.

(Via MTV)

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