New Wolverine teaser confirms long-rumored cameo

This Wednesday, Fox will release the first trailer for The Wolverine. But before its debut, director James Mangold has given fans something to tide them over. He released a six-second teaser which features a lot of action in a short amount of time. The biggest reveal is the appearance of Famke Janssen's Jean Grey.

Last fall, the actress coyly teased her return as the mutant telepath. The Wolverine takes place after the events of the original X-Men trilogy.


In X-Men: The Last Stand, Jean Grey was killed at the hands (or claws) of Logan. Her power was all-consuming and made her reckless. Because of Logan's healing ability, he was the only one who could get close enough to put her out of her misery.

Jean was the love of his life, and her death still haunts him. In the following clip, it seems as if she appears in a vision or flashback. If you look closely, there's also a shot of the Silver Samurai's helmet. There's word that Fox has another 20-second teaser in the pipeline before the full-length one hits.

The Wolverine opens in theaters July 26.

(via CBM)

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