John Barrowman's final word on Capt. Jack's return for Who's 50th

Were you still hoping for Captain Jack Harkness to make it for Doctor Who’s 50th-anniversary celebrations?

If you're like us, you probably were, until the Arrow and Torchwoood star made one single tweet that may have dashed every Captain Jack fans hopes to see the character again on Doctor Who.

Barrowman tweeted:

As early as this month, John Barrowman had revealed that he'd begun negotiations with the BBC concerning Doctor Who’s big whopping milestone anniversary special, and that he would be involved in some "capacity."

However, in a subsequent interview, his sister Carole apparently said that “The BBC are mad at him” for his previous statement.

So what happened? Was the BBC truly mad at him (seems a bit childish to us)? Or is it all an elaborate ruse on the part of John Barrowman?

(via Doctor Who TV)

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