Eew! Latest Pacific Rim pic reveals giant pile of Kaiju poop

If there was any question about how detailed Guillermo Del Toro would get with his Pacific Rim world-building, it’s just been answered.

The studio has been leaking out “news footage” photos from the mechs vs. aliens flick for weeks now, though the latest shows us way more than we ever wanted to know about the world-destroying Kaiju monsters.

The latest pic shows the city of Manila contaminated by a massive, city block-sized pile of Kaiju excrement, which crews are working furiously to clear. Just be glad you don’t live in the Philippines. And if you do, well, sorry.

Del Toro has always been a stickler for the details, and it’s hilariously awesome to think he actually had the art team work up this shot, showing what happens every time one of those massive creatures goes No. 2.

Pacific Rim opens July 12. Do you think it will rock, or be a big pile of Kaiju poop?


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