Tony Stark suits up to kick ass in latest Iron Man 3 teaser clip

A new clip from Iron Man 3 has leaked out, showing Tony Stark suiting up in the shiny new Mark VIII armor. Who knew getting dressed could look so cool?

From diving in to walking in, we’ve seen Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) get suited up in a lot of ways already. For Iron Man 3, director Shane Black has come up with the coolest way yet, as Stark jumps around the room with pieces of armor flying onto him.

Marvel will be debuting a new clip during the Nickelodeon 2013 Kid’s Choice Awards on March 23, and they’ve rolled out a portion of the scene early to get us primed. The Extremis-style armor looks like it could be the most entertaining suit of them all.

You know, at least until Iron Man 4 (or Avengers 2).

Check out the clip below:

Iron Man 3 opens May 3, 2013. Do you think it can top the first two films?

(Via YouTube)

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