Logan's got that 'take no prisoners' glare in 3 new Wolverine images

Not sure if you knew this, but Wolverine is kind of a dangerous dude.

What made Logan notable when he first became part of the X-Men was that even though he was a true, cutthroat killer, we were still supposed to like him. And with good reason. Scott Summers, Jean Grey, et al. were far too clean and pristine for societal castoffs trying to ride the wave of a mutant revolution. And while we understand that they were following Professor X's pacifist lead, deep down we were all just waiting for someone like Wolverine to come along.

In the sprit of that (and with one mere week left to go before we start seeing actual footage from The Wolverine), we've got three new images to entice you with. All of them feature Logan with that "take no prisoners" look on his face. We're also reasonably sure one of them shows the moments after he snikt a dude stone dead. Enjoy, bubs and bubbettes!

(via Bleeding Cool)

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