Spidey 2 schedule reveals size of MJ's role (and angry neighbors!)

With work well underway on Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 2, the shooting schedule has started to reveal some intriguing details about the superhero sequel. Plus, filming plans are apparently wreaking havoc on a New York neighborhood.

First up, the Mary Jane news: Less than a few weeks after showing up with the trademark red hair, MJ actress Shailene Woodley has reportedly finished her shooting schedule. As you’ve probably noticed, it didn’t last too long.

This likely means Mary Jane’s role will be small-to-medium, setting her up for a larger presence in part three. Timing-wise, this seems to fit with Gwen Stacy’s tragic arc in the comics, and it’d make sense that Webb would want to lay the groundwork for Mary Jane to have a larger role in the future.

As for the shooting schedule itself, it’s reportedly causing some trouble in the New York neighborhood of Williamsburg. The flick will apparently be shooting at the Marcy Avenue Armory March 22-27, shutting down several streets.

Those dates also coincide with the Jewish holiday of Passover, and Hasidic residents say the parking situation is going to be terrible as out-of-towners pour in for the week.


Reps from Columbia are apparently meeting with community leaders about the issue, and a debate over street closure permissions is already being waged. Considering the film is shooting in New York because it’s Spidey’s hometown, you’d have to think the studio will come to an arrangement on this soon.

Because that’d be some bad, bad press.

(Via Bleeding Cool, Cinema Blend)

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