Darth Vader introduces Star Wars March Madness, is way too into it

It's March, everybody, and you know what that means -- Darth Vader's March Madness! Wait, what? 

It's been announced that there is an official March Madness cum Star Wars event happening entitled This Is Madness. It's Light Side vs. Dark Side to decide who is the greatest of the great. And by that, we mean it's a popularity contest. Everyone's favorite dark father is taking it very seriously, though.

Vader sure likes to say, "This is madness," doesn't he? Also, where was the Emperor to remind his apprentice that it's not cool to say you hate democracy? I mean, sure, they rule with an iron fist over their intergalactic and tyrranical oligarchy, but that doesn't mean you say that stuff out loud. Jeez! You won't be winning any popularity contests that way, guy.

So, who are you voting for? And are you taking this seriously, or do you really want to see a final showdown between Wicket and Salacious Crumb as much as I do?

(via Comic Book Movie)

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