Arrow guest star turns series regular (Is Ollie getting a sidekick?)

It sounds like Arrow could be getting even more help soon.

After popping up in a guest role this season, it seems a classic Green Arrow character will be sticking around The CW’s small-screen take on the comic permanently.

Former Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes, who guest-starred as Roy Harper on Arrow, has signed on as a series regular for the recently announced second season. Harper was introduced as a teenage thief who has a run in with Oliver’s younger sister Thea. 

As fans of the comic likely know, Roy Harper is also Green Arrow’s young sidekick Speedy. The character has been a part of the comic canon for decades, and has also had stints with the Teen Titans and Justice League of America.

So does this mean we’ll be seeing Speedy suit up sooner rather than later? Maybe, maybe not. The comic writers may be in a hurry to keep the action rolling, but they’re taking their time when it comes to character development.

If anything, the writers will likely start laying the groundwork next season with Oliver and Roy to eventually feed into season three or four (assuming the show survives that long, of course).

Did you like Haynes' take on the character? Are you glad he’ll be sticking around?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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