Rumor of the Day: X-Men: Days of Future Past villain revealed?

Director Bryan Singer has been nice enough to let us know that a ton of the original X-Men cast will be back for Days of Future Past, and has even let us know the storyline will take cues from the time-traveling comic arc of the same name. But what about the villain?

The folks at Bleeding Cool think they’ve figured it out. In a recent interview with Singer, the writer brought up the possibility that the classic X-Men baddie Apocalypse could be the big antagonist for the sequel, after Singer talked about how the new film is all about “destiny.”

Judging by Singer’s response, it looks like they might’ve been onto something with the guess about an evil, ancient mutant. Here’s an excerpt:

So, just mentioning Apocalypse might be a good idea…

On hearing the name Apocalypse, Singer’s face changed immediately but there was no point being timid. Might as well plough ahead with the question. Would he even consider using Apocalypse in the movies? How about in Days of Future Past?

His nervous answer:

“I can’t tell you…”

That was most interesting. So I leapt forward and asked if realising the character of Apocalypse would require performance capture.

And now Singer looked even more nervous.

“This is how it gets started, when somebody starts piecing the little bits together…”

The non-verbal communication was even more compelling than what Singer was saying. If I had to bet on it, I would – we’ll be seeing Apocalypse in Days of Future Past, and he’s probably going to be a performance capture character.

Hmm, definitely an interesting exchange. But of course, Singer has been around the block a time or too, so he could just be feeding into the misinformation. Or, just maybe, we’ve stumbled upon the big secret.

What do you think? Is Apocalypse in for Days of Future Past?

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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