11 Stephen King stories we wanna see get a remake after Carrie

An author has to reach a pretty humongous level of critical mass to have a movie made from their works, and considering that Stephen King has inspired literally dozens of movies and TV projects, it puts the guy on a whole other level.

Heck, he’s been inspiring movies so long that some have already been rebooted—including the new Carrie hitting screens this weekend.

But what about all the other Stephen King properties that have made the transition to the big (and small) screen over the years? Don’t a few of those deserve a remake too?

Of course, we wouldn’t want to mess with all the true classics (there’s no way you could ever improve on The Shawshank Redemption, or Misery, or the sublime insanity of Pet Semetary).

But in honor of a few of those other Stephen King movies wasting away on DVD and VHS shelves, here are a few we’d love to see get another crack at widespread acclaim.


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