John Barrowman hints Capt. Jack will be back for Who's 50th

Did John Barrowan just reveal he was finally coming back to Doctor Who?

In a televised interview with ITV magazine program This Morning this … morning, Barrowman voiced his belief that Captain Jack Harkness will soon be back on Doctor Who for the long-running sci-fi series' 50th-anniversary special, even indicating that negotiations with the BBC had started today.

You can watch the short, albeit (and unfortunately) really crappy, segment below.

Soon after, Barrowman took to twitter and tweeted the following:

What do you think this all means? Did Barrowman sorta spill the beans too soon? Is he backtracking? Or does it indeed mean his involvement may have nothing to do with the Doctor Who 50th-anniversary special as we think we know it after all?

(via Bleedingcool)

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