Watch bizarre short film co-written (seriously) by a robot

Robots have already taken quite a few jobs in the manufacturing and tech sectors, but the arts have to be safe for at least a few more decades. Right? Well, here’s a movie co-written by a robot, so you be the judge.

Filmmaker Chris R. Wilson teamed up with the artificial intelligence CleverBot to script a short film. The results are definitely ... interesting. Wilson treated the AI as his writing partner, asking questions and allowing the robo-brain to develop character names and dialogue.

It’s pretty terrible and makes almost no sense. In a good way. Wilson cut in parts of his conversation with CleverBot to provide some guidance and commentary to the proceedings, which follow the characters Stomach and Prometheus through a tense scene set in a forest.

After the third or fourth WTF twist of the gibberish plot, it’s obvious that robots still have a little ways to go in the creativity department. But it is oddly entertaining in a schizophrenic kind of way. So there is that.

Check out the film below:

What do you think? Would you like to see CleverBot sign on to script the next great sci-fi epic?


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