Walking Dead's Laurie Holden defends Andrea's bad taste in men

Sunday, The Walking Dead returns from its midseason hiatus. Tensions will be at an all-time high as the Governor's true nature comes to light. During the first half of the season, viewers saw his dark side, while Andrea was none the wiser.

We're not sure if she's blinded by his charms or just a terrible judge of character. This isn't the first time Andrea's been captivated by a twisted man. In season two, her allegiance to Shane knew no bounds. But her portrayer, Laurie Holden, wants you to see things from her perspective.

The cast of The Walking Dead recently participated in a panel at the Academy of Television. While there, they answered some burning questions, like what's up with Laurie and all the bad boys?

"You have to understand that Andrea doesn’t know and isn’t privy to what the audience knows," Holden explained. "All she knows is that, at the beginning of the season, she was out in the wild for seven months, living in the woods, and they come across this beautiful town and she’s able to breathe and hope and dream. She thought those days were over.It’s not like she chose he Governor over Michonne. She chose a life and a community."

She believes Andrea and the Governor are more similar than different. She's not a psycho, but she can see the logic behind some of his decisions.

Holden continued, "Is he charismatic and wonderful? Yes. So far, he hasn’t shown himself to be a brute. There are a lot of things that he’s done that she’s seen and can understand. The fact that he had a zombie daughter in his closet? Well, I sat next to my dead sister for two days, waiting for her to change. So, the rules have changed. I think Andrea is an alpha female and she’s drawn to strong men. Whether they happen to be crazy or not is the unfortunate part of the mix."

Following Penny's death, the Governor's veil has been lifted. Considering what he does to Daryl and how quickly he turns on Merle, we hope she finally sees him for what he is.

Do you think Andrea will get her head out of the clouds?

The Walking Dead returns Feb. 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

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