Neil Gaiman’s revealing Doctor Who episode title confirmed

We knew Neil Gaiman was writing another Doctor Who episode for the second half of season seven, and we knew it was about the Cybermen. Now we finally know the revealing title.

Titled "The Last Cyberman," the Neil Gaiman-written Who episode will be the penultimate episode of the current seventh series.

Apparently, the title was first leaked last year when a script for Gaiman’s episode was discovered in ... the back of a taxicab, and the cover page started making the rounds on the wonderful world of the Internet.

IMDb has even listed the episode with that title ever since.

However, the confirmation comes from the American Gods and "The Doctor’s Wife" author, who made the reveal on

Gaiman said about his Who episode: “I’ve written [one] that broadcasts in May. It guest stars Warwick Davis (Willow, Harry Potter, Life’s too Short), Tamzin Outhwaite and Jason Watkins (Being Human U.K.). The episode is called "The Last Cyberman." It’s about identity, it’s about responsibility and it’s about porridge (which also happens to be the name of Davis’ character).”

How do you like the title? Looking forward to "The Last Cyberman"?

Doctor Who returns Easter Sunday, March 30.

( via Den of Geek)

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