1st look at Stark vs. the Mandarin in leaked Iron Man 3 Lego sets

With the marketing onslaught tied to Marvel’s tentpole releases, it’s almost becoming a tradition for the toys and promo gear to start leaking out details before the trailers. The trend continues with Iron Man 3, and the folks at Lego are working on some sets showing key scenes from the upcoming sequel.

So what do we learn? For one thing, there appears to be an Extremis-infected soldier popping up in a few of these, meaning the film could feature at least one nanotech-enhanced super soldier. So in addition to the Madarin, it looks like Tony Stark will have a few more problems to deal with.

We also get a peek at some big fight scenes, and as we saw before The Avengers, the Lego sets could prove to be pretty accurate by matching up with important set pieces. We get to see the attack on Tony Stark’s mansion, Iron Man battling it out with a soldier on a speed boat, and Iron Man facing off with the Mandarin in some crazy fire-spitting vehicle.

Iron Man 3 opens May 3. While we wait, enjoy the Lego version.

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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