See Green Lantern storyboards much better than the actual movie

DC is trying to pull off a semi-reboot of its big-screen franchises with the upcoming Justice League to get the "cool" factor back, and the critically panned Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds from 2011 is a major reason their credibility took a hit.

But Green Lantern wasn't always terrible, apparently. Turns out director Marc Guggenheim (Arrow) pitched a cooler version of the DC hero that never really translated to the big screen. Guggenheim talked to Hero Complex about the early development of the eventual box-office flop, and his original vision for a trilogy:

"I used my TV experience to try to develop multiple stories for it. I worked with an artist, and we drew out 20 or 30 images. I went in and pitched Warner Bros. and said, ‘This is what I think the three movies could be.’ In my mind, Green Lantern was always the thing that succeeded the most at mythology. There was this whole space-opera element. There were all these additional characters, the guardians of the universe who the Green Lantern Corps sort of work for.

It seemed to me that this character was an avenue, in a way, of getting to those other stories and characters. As a storyteller, there was a wealth of opportunities. I tried to winnow it down to as cohesive a story as possible and went in and told it to them, and they were incredibly responsive.”

Now storyboard artist Tim Burgard has been kind enough to share those original storyboards that Guggenheim used to sell the film, which show off some iconic Lantern scenes and some pretty epic set pieces that just didn’t look this cool in execution. Check out the art pitch below and let us know what you think:


(Via Comic Book Movie)

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