Fascinating note-filled pages from Ridley Scott's own Alien script

Even at the script stage, Ridley Scott already had the legendary visuals of Alien in his head.

Thanks to the excellent Cinephilia & Beyond Tumblr, we've now got a look at a few pages of Scott's personal copy of the Alien screenplay, and those pages are packed with notes, particularly storyboards to craft early versions of the shots that would make the film one of the greatest pieces of science fiction cinema ever created.

As you can see in the pages below, these are snippets from the very beginning of the script, so we don't get to see how Scott first envisioned the creature itself. But we do get to see some of his early visual thoughts for how the Nostromo crew would wake up, and even what looks like an early sketch of a cryo-sleep pod.

Check out the pages below, and see the early stages of sci-fi movie brilliance.

(Via Cinephilia & Beyond)

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