Development Hell: 11 TV shows we're probably not gonna see this fall

Mockingbird Lane, NBC

Bryan Fuller’s big budget Munsters reboot died under the weight of its own quirkiness and was burned off as a TV movie a few months ago. The pilot episode was a fun romp, but you could tell it’d definitely be a hard sell for the network. The ratings weren’t great, so the network decided to let it die.


For all the shows that actually make it on the air, there are dozens more that stall out in development hell. So for every new pilot and series that shows up this fall, remember the many cool ideas that burned out along the way.

In honor of all those shows we won’t be watching later this season, we’ve put together a breakdown of 11 series that will most likely (and definitely) not being showing up anywhere anytime soon.

From superhero dramas to steampunk epics, we'll be missing out on a lot this fall. Here's to you, failed TV pitch!