Rumor of the Day: 1st stand-alone Star Wars pic to focus on Yoda?

Have a major rumor to report, we do.  Yes.

No matter how many Super Bowl ads you can throw at the world, there's still no bigger game in town than the new Star Wars movies.  Today we bring you the rumor of all rumors.  No, it's not about Episode VII, it's about one of the spinoffs.  Apparently, the first character to be getting his own story is none other than Yoda himself.

That's right.  Word has supposedly come down that, in the bid to be the first character to get his story told, Yoda is the winner.  Details are scarce, but there's certainly no shortage of story to be told.  After all, we know so little of Yoda's past.  Could this movie finally tell the tale of how Yoda became a Jedi?  Will there be puppets?  Is Frank Oz coming back?  We hope the answer to all those questions is yes, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Oh, and the bonus rumor is that Captain America director Joe Johnston wants to make a movie exploring Jabba the Hutt.  Talk about a big story!

What do you think?  Should Yoda come first?  And what do you want to see if this movie does happen?

(via Ain't it Cool News)

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