Leela kicks Bender's ass in 1st trailer for Futurama's S7 return

After bringing the series back to life, Comedy Central has been cranking out a ton of new Futurama episodes. The show finally returns this summer and we have the first trailer right here to see what they'e been working on.

Comedy Central has taken a weird approach to splitting up the Futurama runs because of the long lead time in making an animated series, essentially ordering a pile of episodes and breaking them up into mini-seasons. The summer slate of new episodes are technically the back half of season seven, despite the fact that it’s been a season-long wait to get them.

But the animated comedy looks as zany as ever and it’s nice to know the Planet Express crew will be flying for at least another year. The network still has 13 episodes in the can, and if they do well, we could have another season or two coming down the pike.

But for now, get ready for the summer with the extended trailer below:

Did you follow the series to Comedy Central once they revived it? Have you been impressed with the past few seasons?

(Via TV Line)

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