Incredibly detailed miniature AT-ST made from popsicle sticks

Remember how you always wanted more and more Star Wars Micro Machines and your mom just wouldn't buy them? Well, here's a guy who'll show you how to make your own.

A user known as "popsicle_mini-models" on the popular DIY website Instructables has been wowing fellow users with his tiny constructions for a while now, and today he wowed us with this tiny AT-ST built with nothing more than a little glue and tiny pieces of wood carved from popsicle sticks, wooden coffee stirrers and toothpicks. But anyone who's ever owned a toy version of this Star Wars vehicle can tell you it's not just the size that's impressive about this. It's getting the little guys to stand on their own, as the builder himself notes.

"The 'chicken walkers' were more of a challenge to build compared with other fictional crafts since the mini AT-ST has to balance on two really skinny mechanical legs. That said, together with the very slow curing time of white glue combines for a rather difficult project."

The whole thing was accomplished with a basic set of carving tools, glue and probably a whole lot of patience. Best of all, schematics and step-by-step instructions for how to carve and build your own are available right on the Instructables site. So, if you're feelin' crafty, head over there and make your very own mini AT-ST, then use it to blast a tiny Ewok.

(Via Instructables)

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