Watch BBC's weirdly polite zombie PSA promoting its new sci-fi show

Starting this fall, AMC won’t be the only place to find zombies on the small screen. The BBC is getting in on the undead craze, and it's released a hilariously awesome new public service announcement to promote the new series In The Flesh.

The new show finds Britain in the wake of a zombie outbreak. But instead of survival horror, a la The Walking Dead, this series will follow the social and political ramifications of reintroducing domesticated zombies back into the populace.

Sure, it’s kind of weird, but it could be awesome. The premise has a lot of potential, and the series will follow a zombie trying to find his place in the (undead) world. It seems like it could be a spin on those vampires-living-in-society tropes, as zombie Kieren (Luke Newberry) fights the urge to eat brains on a daily basis.

The BBC hit a grand slam with the marketing campaign, putting a zombie spin on the old “Keep Calm” ads. The best bit of polite advice? If surrounded by a zombie horde, please call this number and remain calm while an armed team responds. You know, just don’t get eaten while you wait.

In the Flesh debuts on March 17 in the U.K. A stateside release date has yet to be announced. 

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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