Rumor of the Day: Man of Steel 2 ramps up as Justice League stalls

That new Justice League movie might be stuck in limbo, but a new report indicates we might see a Man of Steel sequel sooner than we think.

The latest rumor making the rounds is that DC and Warner Bros. might be hedging their bets on a Man of Steel sequel, which is generating some great pre-release buzz

Here’s en excerpt of the report from Think McFly Think:

“Rumor we're hearing, and frankly the one that makes the most sense – hence the article you're reading, has the studio aiming their tractor beams at a Superman sequel. Whatever title they bestow upon it ... the studio is accelerating it into development with David Goyer back on writing duties. Script problems, be damned! Goes to show how tensions disappear in the face of success or in this case, confidence there is success to be had.”

With DC’s rumored master plan changing about every other day, no one has a clue when or if we’ll ever actually see that new Justice League film or a rebooted version of Batman. But DC seems confident that Man of Steel could be their next Dark Knight, and it makes sense they’d ramp up production sooner rather than later to have a sequel ready to roll.

What’s interesting is this goes against a previous report about how an underperforming Man of Steel could spell doom for that script-challenged Justice League film. You’d think if Man of Steel is a hit it would only mean good things for all pending DC projects, but it could make the studio gun shy to mess up Superman’s reputation with a bad Justice League film.

Needless to say, DC’s house is a pretty big mess right now. How would you like to see all this pan out?

(Via Think McFly Think)

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