Longer, higher-quality version of long-lost Star Wars doc surfaces

Remember that brief, blurry but intriguing Empire Strikes Back doc we saw a few months ago? It just got better.

Back during the filming of Empire, filmmaker Michel Parbot racked up a lot of interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of the flick. Some of it wound up in a French documentary, while the rest wound up on Dutch TV. The French footage made it to the Star Wars Blu-ray box set in 2011, but the Dutch footage wasn't so lucky. Until now, it's only been available in very brief, very hard-to-watch segments online. But now, a better digital version of that footage has surfaced. The audio is crackly and the picture is still a far cry from high definition, but it's much easier to watch than anything that's been available before.

Check out the footage below for interviews with the cast and crew, awesome footage of the Empire shoot in Norway (which doubled for Hoth), and even an amusing discussion of the love "triangle" among Luke, Han and Leia by the actors themselves. If they only knew ...

(Via The Playlist)

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