Noomi Rapace teases latest about Ridley's Prometheus sequel

Fans might’ve been divided about the quality of Ridley Scott’s Alien non-prequel Prometheus, but it still pulled in a solid box-office haul. So, of course, work on a sequel is already underway. But how’s it going?

Star Noomi Rapace, who was last seen jetting off into deep space at the end of Prometheus, said she’s been in contact with Scott about the sequel as recently as a few weeks ago. They’re apparently working up a script, though she wouldn’t reveal who has replaced Damon Lindelof as the writer for the sequel.

Here’s her update via The Playlist:

“They're working on the script. I met Ridley in London a couple of weeks ago. I would love to work with him again and I know that he would like to do another one. It's just like we need to find the right story. I hope we will ... I love working with Ridley. It was pure joy. It was really hard work sometimes. My body was a complete mess – I had bruises and cuts and emotionally I was a bit slammed. But being in his world and his universe was such an amazing experience.

And it's interesting because people, most people I've talked to who see the movie, see things that are quite different. Some people who see the movie many times and discover new things. There are all these religious aspects and there are very interesting conversations. And for me, if we do a second one, there are a lot of things to explore in there and to continue. I would love to do it."

It sounds like Rapace has a lot of reverence for Scott, as do most sci-fi fans. She has an interesting take on the material, and here’s hoping part two picks up some of the threads Rapace wants to explore. The existential questions were easily the best things about Prometheus, though they got a bit bogged down in some face-palm plot moments.

What do you think? How would you like to see the adventure continue?

(Via The Playlist)

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