Classic companion told to 'keep the days free' for Doctor's 50th

Just when you thought those classic Doctor Who companions were getting left out in the cold, news today seems to suggest otherwise. Maybe.

Louise Jameson, who played Tom Baker's lovably savage companion, Leela, was told she might land a certain gig in the near future. When someone tweeted recently that they would cry if Who's 50th "doesn’t feature at least one past Doctor," Jameson replied, "None of us knows yet what’s going on, just told to keep the days free."

Now that's no guarantee, but it does mean that final decisions have not been made and that many possibilities yet remain on the table. Of course, the downside is that, if true, this means Moffat still hasn't finished writing the darn script! Dates for filming are creeping up, and decisions, however many, need to be made.

Personally we would be way into an appearence from Leela. Just think of all the annoying people she could stick a janus thorn in ...

(via Doctor Who TV)


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