8 aborted superhero flicks we really wish would've happened

Batman vs. Superman

This superhero crossover was close to production back in 2001, with a script written by Fringe and I Am Legend scribe Akiva Goldsman. It was very, very dark. It would’ve featured a grizzled, retired Batman left alone after all his friends are dead. As for Clark Kent, we’ll find him after a messy divorce with Lois Lane. The two are tricked into fighting each other early, but would eventually team up to take on a conspiracy masterminded by Lex Luthor.

Instead, the studio opted to split the two characters for separate franchises in an effort to double their profits (at least it worked for Batman), and didn’t think the movie-going public was sophisticated enough to differentiate a potential standalone Batman vs. Superman from different, separate films with each character.

For every Batman Begins and Spider-Man that actually makes it through the development process, there are a ton of comic-book movies littering the studio shelves in development hell.

Sure, we know about the ones that look like they would’ve been terrible (See: Superman Lives, that half-baked Justice League in 2007, Raimi’s Spider-Man 4), but what about the aborted superhero movies that could’ve been hits?

Or if not box office hits, at least pretty good movies?

From J.J. Abrams to Joss Whedon, a lot of big names have had their best intentions crash and burn on the way to the big screen. You can blame everything from casting battles to studio interference, but the only thing that really matters is they died a quiet, sad death.

So what were some of the coolest movies we never got to see?