How much do you hate Twilight? You fully funded this IN A DAY

During its opening weekend, the original Twilight movie grossed $69,637,740. This Kickstarter, which has grossed more than $100,000 so far, deserves to earn at least that.

In the not-too-distant future, the gang at Rifftrax are looking to take on what the Internet has dubbed the worst film ever made -- Twilight, and they need your help! Mike, Kevin and Bill, who've been working to mock bad movies since 1988, have, of late, been taking their show on the road. In the past, they've taken on classic films, like Ed Wood's infamous Plan 9 From Outer Space, to great effect. But films like that come cheap. To take on the behemoth that is Twilight, the gang needs money, and lots of it.

The goal is to raise as much money as possible in order to be able to broadcast a live commentary across as many movie screens as possible in August of this year. Setting out the modest amount of $55,000, the hope is that Summit Entertainment will be cool and allow Rifftrax to do their thing. The good news is, they've already doubled that goal, and they did it in a day. The bad news is that there's no guarantee that Summit will say yes.

In the event that Twilight remains the elusive girl that just will not be gotten, Rifftrax will go down the list of the current crop of worst films until they find a suitable replacement. Frankly, though, we think it has to be Twilight. What else could compare? Rifftrax has even admitted that its best-selling track is for Twilight.

What we're saying is this -- $100k is a lot of money, but the Twilight Saga has, cumulatively, grossed billions worldwide. If you think it deserves to be mocked on the world stage, you'd better fill Mike and company's coffers to the very brim.

(via Kickstarter)

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