9 awesome Spider-Man suits we'd like to see on the big screen

Director Marc Webb is already making some tweaks to Spider-Man’s big-screen costume, which will join all the other costumes we got to see in Sam Raimi’s trilogy. But what about some of the suits we haven’t seen yet?

The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man has been zipping around Manhattan for decades, and along the way he’s donned his fair share of traditional (and not-so-traditional) costumes. 

We’ve already seen Raimi’s take on the traditional look and the Venom-style black suit. But what about Cyborg Spider-Man? Or the white and black Future Foundation suit?

In honor of the big reveal of Webb’s redesigned Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit, here are nine awesome Spider-Man suits we’d like to see brought to life on the big screen someday.

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