Why Mark Wahlberg turned down a Kirk role in Abrams' Star Trek

Mark Wahlberg might be perfectly happy to join the Transformers on the big screen, but he once turned down a chance to be part of a more storied sci-fi franchise.

While out promoting his new flick Broken City, Wahlberg was asked what he thought of J.J. Abrams taking over the Star Wars franchise (because apparently they just ask you that now if you're in any movie anywhere). His response was both to compliment Abrams and to reveal that the director once offered him the role of George Samuel Kirk Sr., James T. Kirk's father, who dies heroically in the opening minutes of 2009's Star Trek. It's a small but pivotal role, and it seems like Wahlberg would be suited to it. So why'd he turn it down?

"I tried to read the script. I couldn't ... I didn't understand the words or the dialogue or anything. I said 'I couldn't do this. I think you're really talented, but I couldn't do it.' And then I saw the movie and I was like 'holy s$@#, he did a great job.'"

The role of George Kirk ended up going to Chris Hemsworth, and Wahlberg went on to other things, but he seems to have learned his lesson about saying no to Abrams.

"I probably wouldn't pass up an opportunity to work with J.J. again, so if he wanted me to do something that I couldn't fully understand, I would probably give it a shot."

So what are the odds that Abrams will take the hint and throw Wahlberg into Star Wars Episode VII now? 

Check out the full clip of Wahlberg's remarks below.

(Via TotalFilm)


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