Watch Shatner give the Oscars the sci-fi shot in the arm it needed

It wasn't a huge year for sci-fi at the Oscars, but William Shatner made sure Trekkies would have a little something to cheer about.

Shatner improbably popped up during the opening of the 85th Annual Academy Awards Sunday night, during host Seth MacFarlane's opening monologue. To make things more improbable, he showed up on a giant video screen, sitting on a starship set, in full James T. Kirk regalia. 

Shatner declared that he (as Kirk, of course) had traveled back in time from the 23rd century to stop MacFarlane from doing a terrible show, then played MacFarlane video clips of the awful bits he would have done if Kirk hadn't come back to stop him (a song all about boobs, a re-enactment of the movie Flight done entirely with sock puppets, etc.). Together, MacFarlane and Kirk worked to correct these mistakes and turn MacFarlane into what history would remember as a "mediocre" host ... though lots of people probably thought the show was still pretty bad.

Take a look at Shatner's appearance in the video below, if only just to see him in a Starfleet uniform one more time.

(Via Trek Movie)
Oscars 2013 - Opening Number With Seth... by IdolxMuzic

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