It's official: Beloved Supernatural co-star back as regular in S9

The long-running CW series Supernatural has never been afraid to write off some supporting characters, but it looks like one guest star will be sticking around permanently next season.

It’s been confirmed that Misha Collins, who plays the fan-fave angel Castiel on the monster-hunting drama, will be a series regular for the show’s upcoming ninth season.

The network recently pulled the trigger and ordered an early renewal, and it seems the producers are wanting to lock in the cast they’ll need for wherever they’re taking the story next year. 

Collins has bounced from recurring to regular roles on the series the past several seasons, depending on the storyline. So expect Castiel to factor in heavily next season.

Even cooler? The actor will also be stepping behind the camera for at least one episode next season and serving as director. So good for him.

Are you a fan of Castiel? Are you glad to hear he'll be sticking around?

(Via TV Line)

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