Uh-oh! Will Jack the Giant Slayer be the 1st big sci-fi flop of 2013?

Not every movie can be a hit, and according to some new projections, the first box-office bomb of 2013 could be opening next weekend. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, early tracking data for Bryan Singer’s fairytale reimagining Jack the Giant Slayer is not looking good.

The film is the first big-budget tentpole of the year, but is projected to gross just $30-35 million on opening weekend. That’s pretty soft by most standards, but it’s especially troubling when you factor in the FX extravaganza’s $190 million budget. Oh yeah, and that’s not counting the multimillion-dollar marketing blitz.

To put those projections in context with recent famous flops, the two biggest bombs of last year opened to comparable numbers in their U.S. debuts. Battleship had a similar budget and opening total, while the more expensive John Carter also hovered around the $30-35 million mark.

It looks like all Jack is missing is a cameo by Taylor Kitsch.

But all is not lost, at least not yet. The flick is tracking well with males, and the studio has gotten some positive buzz out of early screenings, meaning word of mouth could be a big factor.

Do you plan on checking this one out next weekend? 

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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