7 sci-fi ways to spend Sunday night instead of watching the Oscars

Watch Futurama's Greatest Hits

The beauty of Futurama is that all of it qualifies as sci-fi. Plus, it has an endless supply of really fantastic episodes which would make it ridiculously easy to watch so many you'll be covered in bed sores. Well, not covered. We recommend Where No Fan Has Gone Before, Jurrasic Bark, Roswell That Ends Well, and TIme Keeps on Slipping to get you started.

If the Oscars don't want sci-fi, then maybe we don't want the Oscars.

It's not unheard-of for the Academy Awards to snub much of the science fiction films that come out during the course of a year, but that doesn't make it right. So we're proposing that, rather than endure 4 hours of acceptance speeches for films you didn't see, you put together your best sci-fi-themed cocktail, maybe hunker down with a few friends, and celebrate science fiction instead.

We've got seven fun alternative ways to pass that Oscar time. Check 'em out and choose one!