1981 Nimoy introduces 2013 PS4 in hilarious WTF retro mash-up ad

The tech world has been going nuts this week over the announcement of the Playstation 4—so who better to explain the hot new videogame console than '80s-era Leonard Nimoy in this insane fan video?

This clip is pure WTF greatness, with retro-style effects and new videogame demo footage spliced around Nimoy explaining a piece of tech (the 1981 Magnavox DiscoVision) that looks like it should be woefully underpowered for the PS4’s insane spec sheet.

But hey, we’re not going to argue with Spock.

What makes this even cooler is that it’s a little reminiscent of Fringe, almost like a groovier version of William Bell introducing a hot piece of tech a few decades ago Over There. 

If anything can help Sony knock the Xbox off its perch, it’s the power of Nimoy.

(Via IGN)

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