9 actors we'd like to see shoot first as young Han Solo

Rumors abound that the Disney/Star Wars deal will lead to a standalone film focusing on a young Han Solo. As awesome as that sounds, there’s one problem: Who could possibly be cool enough to climb into the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon?

Harrison Ford made the badass with a heart of gold one of the most famous characters in sci-fi during the original Star Wars trilogy, but the guy is getting pretty old these days.

There’s a solid chance he could return in some capacity, but if there’s a prequel film focused on Han Solo, they’ll need a new actor to take up the role. Even if they don’t end up making a prequel focused on the character, numerous reports indicate Star Wars: Episode VII will be focused on Han, Leia and Luke’s kids.

So, regardless, there will probably be a young Solo kicking around in some capacity within the next few years.

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