Apparently, Darth Vader taught an Ewok to love videogames

Apparently, when you add Ewoks with Darth Vader, you get videogames! Who knew?

Warwick Davis is probably best known for playing the title character in Willow and Wicket, the Ewok, from Return of the Jedi. What you might not know, however, is that he is also an avid gamer. How he got into gaming is what makes the story such a gem.

My very first experience of a game was the [Sinclair] ZX81. David Prowse showed me this very rudimentary game in his office, which had a frog jumping across logs that were floating by, and I thought it was amazing.

Stop right there, Warwick Davis! Did you say David Prowse? As in David "Darth Vader" Prowse?

It's true, folks, Wicket got hooked on videogames thanks to the power of the Dark Side.

The more you know!

(via Edge)

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