Real-life Darth Maul embraces Dark Side, robs 3 stores in 2 hours

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge. Also, let's steal some stuff while we're at it.

Three 7-Elevens were hit in the span of two hours by an armed, masked assailant. That assailant? You guessed it -- it was Darth Maul.

All right, it was a guy with a Darth Maul mask, but never rule out the possibility that a Sith might show up with a lightsaber to rob a local convenience store or three. Again, not actually Maul, so replace "lightsaber" with "semi-automatic handgun" and you've got it.

The first robbery occured in San Diego early Monday morning. After fleeing the scene, the thief forced (get it?) his way into two other nearby stores before escaping on foot. Police believe the criminal, still at large, may also be responsible for a fourth attack that took place on the Saturday previous.

(via The Huffington post)

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