5 odd, unused Dark Knight Rises posters made of bullets and type

The studio already knew they had a hit on their hands when it came to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises, so the pressure was on to make the marketing campaign a hit. Apparently, along the way they looked at some pretty bizarre options.

These concepts died on a marketing desk somewhere, but artist Thom Schillinger has been kind enough to release them and show fans one option that didn’t make the cut.

These designs are definitely unique, with most of them re-creating the iconic Batman and Bane masks from the film with firearms. The typography masks stand out as very unique, though they are a little too artsy for the franchise. But man, they’re cool.

As we now know, the marketing team stuck with the mask idea for a lot of the final posters, but went with the more literal designs. Take a look at what could’ve been.

(Via Comic Book Movie)

[Images removed at the request of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.]

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