11 big sci-fi TV mysteries that just didn't live up to the hype

Life On Mars: The deep space simulation

It’s hard to blame the writers for this one, because their hand was forced once the network pulled the plug after one season. This U.S. remake of the hit U.K. series about a modern day cop transported to the past was pretty awesome.

But once the writers knew it was over they decided to wrap everything up as quickly as possible with the big reveal that the entire show took place in a spaceship simulation on the way (literally) to Mars. It was better than no ending at all, but seemed to cheapen the experience.

It’s pretty common these days for big sci-fi TV series to be set around some central mystery. From Lost to current freshmen hit Revolution, it’s almost a prerequisite to have one big question hanging out there for the later seasons.

But, sadly, those big, compelling mysteries don’t always pay off in a way that makes fans happy. Again, see that Lost finale, which cost the show its top spot on a fair share of “Best Ever” lists. Though J.J. Abrams' island-set claim to fame is the most famous offender, a lot of shows have fallen short of the big “aha!” moment over the years.

So as we hold out hope that the producers of Revolution have something up their sleeves that will really wow us, look back at 11 examples that spectacularly failed to live up to the hype. Yes, we love all these shows as much as anyone, but these twists just didn’t work out.

(Obviously, spoilers ahead!)