See Frank Miller's hot Sin City-ish Gucci ad starring Chris Evans

Here's an awesome ad by Frank Miller of The Dark Knight Returns, 300 and Sin City fame, starring Captain America's Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler, Across The Universe).  Even the director himself gets a cool cameo behind the wheel in this extended cut of the original noirish fragrance commercial.

The project was shot at the famous Cinecitta Studios in Rome and was Miller's first TV commercial experience when Gucci brought him aboard back in 2010 to film a series of spots for their new Gucci Guilty.  This is the longer, sexier version for Gucci Guilty Black, with rain-washed boulevards, star-crossed lovers, glowing neon, ample skin and one killer cafe racer. 

Here's what Frank Miller had to say on Gucci's website:

“We know these characters now and what together they are capable of doing and of being. We all think of this as a mini-movie, with this our latest episode of the storyline. The color scheme is stark: green and red light, against which our mavericks’ eyes – and intentions – of our protagonist smoulder like coals.”

Spritz yourself liberally then go take a wild ride ... There's decent dough doing TV commercials, for sure.  Should Miller stick to the small screen or get back to Gotham?

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